Chapter Eternal Updates

John Charles Bradley '69
September 17, 2014
Birdsboro, PA
Lawyer, wife Barbara '69

Robert K. Franks '56
July 7, 2014
Ocean View, DE
US Navy, Electrical Engineer, Wife Dorothy Stone Franks

John A. Cox Jr '55
State College, PA

Richard R Conseur '64
January 18, 2014
H&HD, Stamford, CT

Robert A Mase '66
December 1, 2013
MBA Business, AROTC, Glee Club, Livonia, MI.


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Please find below alumni updates for graduates from the 1930's. See anyone you know?

Rittenhouse, Frank Posted: 12/21/2006 9:13:53 AM
Class of 1938 Posted by an administrator
Your list of contributors has brought back fond memories of TKE. My roommate in 1934 became a great doctor; my classmates of 1938 have had illustrious careers; and the younger men of 1939-41 have provided hands on as well as financial support of the TKE house.