Pi Chapter Celebrates 90 Years at Homecoming 2012

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90 years

By Tanner Fitzgerald, Prytanis

Homecoming this year was very unique to Pi Chapter, as we celebrated our 90th anniversary. We had the honor of hosting Alumni from as far back as 1954. We not only honored our 90th anniversary, but received and dedicated the bronze plaque of all donors to the capital campaign whose gifts exceeded $2,500. Our chapter room also was presented with a hand carved and painted TKE Coat of Arms- an extraordinary work of art. It was truly a homecoming: the newest of TKEs learned from those that came before them, both parties enlightening the other on how the times have changed. We hope that this is the start of another 90 years, and that we will come back someday and share with the actives our stories and listen to theirs.

Pictured above: This is a picture of Jim Rummel (board president) presenting a Nittany Lion Statue to Tanner Fitzgerald (house president) that was returned to us by a past Grand Prtyanis of TKE to celebrate our 90th anniversary.

Pictured below: Jim Rummel, George Dennis (with wig), Don Jones, Nick, Gary Adams at my left shoulder; next row Dan "Junior" Mead, John "Hess" Stakowski , Scott Savage, Robert "Luke" Luther; Chris "Ho Jo" Surovic, Mike "Speedy" Werner, Andy Weidman; Paul "Pollock" Podwika, Mark "Lightening" Sherlock

90 years1


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