We Want Your Old TKE Stuff!

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We know this is a re-post: We’re still looking for memorabilia though! Get your stuff in today!

Over the years a lot of great plaques, photos, awards, composites, etc. have disappeared from the house.  Pi would like to ask its alumni to visit their closets and attics to see if they have any of their personal TKE memorabilia that they know will be thrown out when the kids need to clean out your homes.  The chapter would love to build a new collection of great photos, old newsletters, class composites in the 8x10 format, a list of awards the house won during your years,  lists of TKE BMOCs on campus, newspaper clippings of TKE events, happenings, recognitions, etc.

Some of the great finds already donated to the house are: original Nov. 42 "Pi Piper" newsletter; hard bound copies of the first "Pieces of Pi" newsletters from December 1943 to December 1946, TKE national newsletters featuring Pi chapter, original membership cards, a TKE song book, 1967 Greek Week program, '45, '46, '47, 67 compostites, the "Man", original WW II era post card of the chapter house sent at Christmas to all brothers serving overseas, 1970s and 2014 party photos, 1981 reunion photo of 40s and 50s era brothers, 67-70 era spring formal pictures, etc.

Please send copies or originals via email or mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or:

Thomas Becker
323 Union Avenue,
Salisbury, MD. 

Tom Becker '69 is collecting, framing and preparing items for inclusion in current and additional new lockable display cases.  The collection is growing.  What have you found that can be shared with all our Alumni?

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