An Interview from a Past Guide

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Dr. C.S. Anderson
Professor of Vocational Education
Pennsylvania State College
Pi-TKE Faculty Advisor
State College, PA

(Written for the 1942 Pi-TKE Guide)

"The fraternity supplies an essential experience in 'group living' to its members.  A man's success in life depends largely on his ability to get along with people.  There is no college course that teaches this and no laboratory where he can practice it.  The social fraternity stands supreme in supplying such vital and important training.

"A well-organized, responsible fraternity challenges its members to greater achievement in scholarship, assists and encourages them to attain positions of campus leadership.  The college fraternity is one of the greatest contributing factors to leadership training, thus enabling men to advance in their vocational and professional lives after college days.

"High standards of home life ordinarily prevail in fraternities.  They are for the most part self-governing bodies setting up self-imposed regulations and other substitute incentives for parental supervision and restrictions.

"New students profit by identifying themselves at once with a good fraternity.  The fraternity gives them the social and personal comradeship of a highly selected group of their classmates.  They receive the wise counsel of older college students, and they make valuable contacts with experienced alumni, faculty members and national fraternity officers.

"The fraternity not only provides a high standard of home and college environment during student days; it becomes a permanent hearthstone to which men return through the years, where old comrades meet and where pleasant memories of college days are recalled".

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