Where are they now and what are they up to?

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Here are what a few brothers have been up to:

Allen S. Russell '36
Allen will be 100 years old on May 27th. He is my brother. I came to the chapter house often for formal Sunday dinners as a little girl. My dad taught us to break the bread into four pieces. "Don't grab a whole piece and start chomping on it." Allen was the first of many Pi chapter brothers in our family; I'll bet we have quite a record there. Allen was followed by John F.Russell, James K Russell, and our cousin Jack Sammel.

My sister Beverly married Wib Creelman and I married Eugene J .Thomas. My father allowed Allen to join Teke because there were no men's dorms and Teke was a dry house – very important to my Quaker father. Allen got a Masters and a Doctorate at Penn State and became a Vice President in charge of research for Alcoa.

James Donald Seitzer '48
My wife, BJ Seitzer, died suddenly on January 15th. She is survived by myself, our three children and our five grandchildren.

Carl L. Nale, Jr. '56
My wife Lynda has a new position with a Menlo Park firm here in Silicon Valley as Global Clinical Operations Manager, so we are traveling more. We are selling the Sonoma wine country residence and consolidating households here in the "valley." Anybody liking wine and wanting to live nearer its source – I have a deal!

Paul R. Johnston, Sr. '57
I went on a five-day Disney Wonder cruise with twin six-year olds and their parents. I wasn't sure we were right for the job. Turned out that Disney ratio of children to crew member was fantastic. They have clubs for different age groups that provide entertainment and supervision for the children. The parents and grandparents can be off doing what they really enjoy. The shows were for all ages and the talent of all crew members was professional. All of our dinner meals were scheduled at 8:15 p.m. in different restaurants. The nice factor was that we were assigned the same table number and our two servers were the same each night. They got to know the children and what they liked to eat and drink. After falling asleep at the dinner table by 8:45 p.m. we started feeding them at 5 p.m. and then dropping them off at each of their clubs. Andrew liked the science club where they had a lab with assistants. Elizabeth liked the club where they played games with the children. After a leisurely dinner we picked the children up from the clubs and went to bed. The children really enjoyed visiting the turtle farm on Grand Caymens and playing with the dolphins. The grandparents really enjoyed Castaway Key where the warm water was so clear you could see your feet and the fish. It was a beautiful spring day with the temperature around 78 degrees. When we arrived home, it began to snow and woke up to six inches of snow. I am looking forward to our Class Reunion in Wildwood, N.J.

James W. Durham '59
I just attended a recognition dinner. The Oregon State Bar recognized my 50 years as a member of the Bar. I also was President of the Oregon State Bar and the first corporate general counsel in the country to be elected as president of a state bar.

Robert B. Franklin '59
For a sixth year, I have been a judge for a national investigative reporting contest sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. I am a retired reporter and editor for the Star Tribune, Minneapolis, and was an adjunct faculty member of the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul.

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