New Year, New chance to give Tau Kappa Epsilon an Even Better Future!

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We ended our 2015 giving year, with contributions from our faithful supporters surpassing $9,000! As we look forward to an even better 2016, our aim is to continue aiding men in their mental, moral and social development for life.

Without, you, the faithful alumni, who through all things are possible, we would not be able to ensure that the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon get the same values of leadership and personal growth that you enjoyed during your time as an active.

As we begin our 2016 giving year, we ask that you consider making a contribution once again, to keep the TKE Brotherhood strong. Without your help, the chapter would not enjoy the success that it is able to because of your gifts.

The Pi chapter needs your help! To make your gift today, visit here to make on online donation, or send a check made payable to:

Tau Kappa Epsilon
Penn State
Alumni Relations Processing Center
PO Box 7007
Alberta Lea,
MN 56007-8007

Or call our toll-free donation hotline at 1-800-975-6699.

At this time, we would like to thank those of you who graciously gave to our 2015 Annual Fund:

Pi Legacy Society ($1,000+)
Brian Olsavsky 1985

Founder`s Circle ($500-$999.99)
Bryon Deysher 1977

346 E. Prospect Club ($346)
Paul Johnston 1957
Kenneth Myers 1964
Eric Miller 1978
Andrew Dellapi

Cherry & Gray Society ($250-$345.99)
Gene Shue 1956
Ronald Forys 1970
Gaston Lebois 1976
Timothy Runco 1981
William Sanders 1986

Red Carnation Club ($100-$249.99)
James Seitzer 1948
Philip Amos 1952
Willis Lynn 1953
Stanford Zeiders 1954
John Jenkins 1955
John Bergey 1956
Walter Cron
James Glancy 1957
Charles Harner 1957
David Tressler 1958
Robert Franklin 1959
Allan Rayfield 1959
Melvin Rockey 1959
Eugene Rowland 1959
James Cober 1960
James MacKay 1960
Allan Egolf 1961
Erland Stevens 1961
James Jennison 1963
John Borgerding 1964
Paul McPherson 1965
Richard Kalich 1967
Michael Flanigan 1968
Michael Torcasi 1968
George Alexander 1969
Thomas Becker 1969
W. Reitz 1974
John Turner 1974
J. Ulrich 1974
Robert Jepsen 1978
Patrick Breen 1979
Thomas LaGreca 1979
Emery Udvari 1980
Michael Palombo 1981
Steven Parks 1981
Christopher Kelly 1983
Eric Snyder 1983
Christopher Olivia 1984
Brian Gutshall 1986
Richard Perosa 1986
David Schappell 1990
Michael Costo 1995
Brian Gibbons

Pi Supporter ($50-$99.99)
Edward Sandini 1951
David Colton 1952
Joseph Policastro 1952
James Durham 1959
Richard Mills 1959
Charles Bibleheimer 1960
Stanley Foster 1960
Robert Umstead 1961
William Lauch 1964
R. Williams 1965
John Cochran (Jeff) 1970
Allen Bittinger 1975
Robert Elkin 1975
James Rummel 1976
William Quirk 1977
Bruce Robinson 1977
John Capone 1990

Other (Up to $49.99)
Richard Clarkson 1947
Gary Shaw 1955
A. Kendall 1959
Joseph Valo 1971
Richard Kauffmann 1973
Michael Brookhart 1982

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