Pi TKE Needs You!

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Our annual fund for the 2016 giving year began on January 1 and, so far, we have received eighteen donations for a total of $3,172 toward our goal of $10,000 from 100 donors. There is still plenty of time to contribute!

The holidays are over and tax returns are on their way, so now is the perfect time to make your contribution to Pi Chapter!

We would like to thank our top five all time donors; the late Lawrence Foster ’48, Richard Walchi ’56, Donald Deysher ’77, David Jones ’54 and Thomas Becker ’69 for their generous donations over the years, as well as the following eighteen donors who have contributed this year:

Pi Legacy Society ($1,000+)

Robert Campbell 1959

346 E. Prospect Club ($346)

Paul Johnston 1957

Cherry & Gray Society ($250-$345.99)

Gene Shue 1956
Ronald Forys 1970
David McKeever 1971

Red Carnation Club ($100-$249.99)

James Russell 1948
James Seitzer 1948
Erland Stevens 1961
Kerry Kissinger 1962
Robert McConnell 1968
J. Ulrich 1974
Keith Hampton 1975
Joseph Grainda 1983
Christopher Kelly 1983

Pi Supporter ($50-$99.99)

William Lauch 1964
R. Williams 1965
John Vandermeer 1966

Other (Up to $49.99)

Joseph Valo 1971

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