TKE "Aussie" is Inspired!

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Jennifer Bell, daughter of Pi TKE Charles Richard “Rick” Lambert, ’56, sent us these great photos all the way from Perth, Australia!

“My dad, Charles Richard (known as Rick Lambert) was at the TKE house in 1952-53,” said Ms. Bell. “Then he did two years in the army and came back to Penn State in 1955-56, but lived in a cabin in the woods with a few other guys!”

Mr. Lambert, who just turned 84, last month, was a photographer and an artist, often involved in many displays that made the lawn in front of the TKE house a remarkable sight! 

Ms. Bell tells us her father has become inspired and looking through old photos, has found many more gems, such as this one from the Penn State vs. Pitt soccer match


Or this one, showing Brother Lambert looking quite dapper for graduation!

And from what we can tell, this was a great time to be at the TKE house!

What are your fondest memories from Pi TKE? Join Brother Lambert in a trip down memory lane and dig out those old photos and send them to our editor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or you may upload them directly to the alumni website by clicking HERE.

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