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Pi Chapter recently ended its one and only major fund raising campaign in its 94 years since founding in 1922.

By many standards, including those of our national fund raising partner, Pennington Company, we did a very good job: $1,168,646 pledged;

450 contributors; average gift of $2,408.68; 90% of funds received; 80% of pledges fulfilled; over a million in renovations completed.

Pretty good results.

It could even be better when the outstanding balance of pledges totaling $100,350 is received; 117 remaining Fraters fulfill their extended payment commitments; 19 of the 117 who make up over 60% of the remaining funds finish their payments; and 15 honored on the bronze plaque make or complete their pledges.

And where have the remaining 656 active alumni been in making a commitment to their "fraternity for life"? All the actives in the house during the campaign were asked to sign a minimum $500 pledge payable over five years after they graduated. It would be a show of true appreciation to Pi Chapter for all it provided the 656 alumni who did not step up, to now financially support their fraternity! Even if they each only committed the minimum $500 we asked of the actives, it would add another $328,000 for additional renovations. Sigma Chi, across Garner Street from us raised $2,220,267, outperforming TKE by over a $1,000,000 from only 342 of its alumni at an average gift of $6,492/ alum.

656 TKE alumni...we needed and still need your support to keep Pi-TKE attractive, updated, and competitive. Please, write your fair-share check to Pi Chapter House Corporation TKE, P. O. Box 766, State College, PA 16804-0766.

The House Corporation Board of Directors

James R. Rummel '76, President
Robert F. Luther '73, Vice President
Gary T. Adams '76, Vice President
Robert D. Spears '74, Treasurer
Robert G. Elkins 75, Secretary, Academic Advisor
Jeffrey M. Bower '69, Assistant Treasurer
Thomas M. Becker '69, Chapter Advisor
Zachary M. Noel '09, Alumni President

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