It’s been 50 Years!!

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Congratulations to the Pi TKE class of 1966 as they approach their 50th anniversary. What kinds of things have you seen come and go over 50 years? What makes you most proud of this milestone? Click here to let us know!

Pi TKE would like to recognize the following brothers on their “Golden” Anniversary!

Richard Bange
Roger Behrenhausen*
James Changaris
John Christian
Dale Davenport*
Frank Freet
Ross Gibson*
Jeffrey Glasser*
Dennis Hinkler*
Theodore Kelley
Don Klein
Karl Knecht*
Don Knerr
Robert Mase*
James McCormack
Kenneth Peterson
David Schieck
E. Scholl
Martin Shantz
Dean Steffy*
John Sullivan
John Vandermeer
Gary Weiss

*In Memorium

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