Pi Chapter Strives for Continuous Improvement!

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We gained 30 new members by the end of spring semester this year with 15 members in the Fall and Spring pledge classes. The chapter achieved a GPA of 3.17, which is higher than the overall fraternity average. We are also improving on our borough and alumni relations with recycling initiatives and setting up alumni events.


Academic integrity and triumph is one of the core goals for Pi Chapter. We pride ourselves on succeeding in the classroom with integrity. With the new doors, study table and 20 ergonomic chairs added to the Larry Foster Library, fraters take advantage of the secluded and quiet room to study and work on class material. The brothers are always looking out for each other and are respectful when studying. They understand the importance for academic success. “The Larry Foster Library made it easy to study because it was so quiet and secluded and it was right downstairs,” says Johnny Horre ’18 of the new study area. “Our G.P.A. is consistently better than the fraternity averages and we look to keep raising the number to display our strengths of Pi Chapter.”


Pi Chapter participated in Penn State’s IFC/Panhellinic Dance Marathon February 19-21. We collected over $123,000 with our new partner sorority, Alpha Chi Omega. This was our first year as a pairing and it showed how much our hard work together paid off. We were in the top 10 for highest fundraising totals by Greek organizations. There were four fraters from Pi Chapter who danced for 46 straight hours including past Prytanis Steve Estoclet ’16, past Crysophylos Peter Steinegger '16 and fraters Demitri Zoubroulis ’16 and Griffin Lee ’16. We are all very proud of them for their dedication to fighting pediatric cancer and representing TKE in such a great manner.


Recently, we elected a sustainability chair to improve our efforts with recycling reputation in the eyes of the State College Borough. Zach Neville ’17, is spearheading most actions for the house. He is participating in multiple drives to recycle used plastic cups and aluminum cans to bring to Nittany Coop in exchange for chapter accreditation credit and helping the borough with recycling drives. The Chapter house has also been equipped with more recycling bins to finally educate and provide opportunities to the brothers in the green and environmental sense. On the philanthropic side of things, our philanthropy chairs Sky Korek ’17 and Andrew Sakomoto ’18 have set up and hosted multiple charitable events. In January, they set up a blood drive at the house to benefit THON. They have also set up fundraisers and sponsored events at local restaurants for foundations and charities. Pi Chapter actives are all very in tune with the community and giving back all they can to it.


The actives wish to continue the tradition the past fraters have created and left for us. With that come great relationships with alumni and establishing networks between alumni and actives. We are all brothers of Pi Chapter and we want to improve upon that attitude so Pi Chapter can achieve even greater things. The first step as actives is to have our executive board and the Alumni Board on better terms and develop a great understanding for each other. I can say we are succeeding in that aspect and it’s paying off. Fostering these kinds of relationships is crucial for Pi Chapter to reach new heights down the road. Many actives dedicate themselves to setting up alumni networks to help other actives with job opportunities, mentoring, advice, etc. but also to get alumni involved with the house and rekindle their youth.


Jake Kirschler ‘17

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