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Searching through some of the past memorabilia brothers have been sending in for display in the Chapter House, this list of brothers who have served our country has been compiled.  If you know of any other PI-TKE brothers who have served please send the information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or mail to Tom Becker 323 Union Avenue, Salisbury, MD 21801. 

The five brothers who died in WWII have a plaque in their name on display in the Foster Library at the house.  That plaque was originally placed after WWII in the then renovated party room as a commemorative reminder to the brotherhood of those who had recently gave their lives for our country.  It is the intent of the chapter to create another plaque listing all who have served.  Your corrections and or additions to this listing will be appreciated in making the tribute complete and accurate.

Five brothers died in WWII:

George Warren Elliott, Jr. '40  Deceased

Merrill Fussenegger '40   Deceased

Rolla W. Miller Jr.   Deceased

Joseph J. Schmucker, '42, Ens, Navy  Deceased

Andrew P. Szekely 40, Lt, Army   Deceased

Brothers who served in WW II and returned from service:  Those indicated as lost are those we have no record of their status, active are those still alive.

Homer N. Davis '41, Lt USMCAS  Deceased

Ray Dietrich, Sgt, Army    Lost

Charles F. Flock '42, Lt, USMAC  Deceased

Ralph W. Gray Jr '43, LtJG, Navy  Deceased

Hank J. Dieterick '42, LtJG, Navy  Deceased

Charles  G. Kunz Jr '43, T/4 Army  Deceased

Frank E. Pagenkemper '48, Lt, Army Deceased

Max .E. Hoadley '43, Lt,   Deceased

E. L. Zimmerman '43, Lt, Navy  Deceased

D. D. Gallup, RT2/c, Navy  Lost

John D. Shull, S1/c, Navy   Lost

Max G. Worthington '47, Ens, Navy  Deceased

John W. Stevenson, Pvt, Army, Purple Heart  

Frank Stevenson, Pfc, Army  Lost

Jesse V. Hobday, Sgt, Air Force   Lost

L. Raymond Dieterich Jr '49, Sgt, Air Force  Deceased

William W. Gotherman '43, RT3/c, Navy   Deceased

Edwin W. Parkinson '40, Lt, Air Force, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal   Deceased

John P. Parkinson, Lt, Army   Lost

Paul Winand, Bronze Star   Lost

Thurman Gates, S1/c, Navy   Lost

Wilbur s. Creelman '47, Lt, Air Force  Deceased

James K. Russell '48, S/Sgt, Army  Active

Robert J. Fore, Pfc, Army   Lost

James P. Blair, S/Sgt, Army   Lost

Frank H. Rittenhouse '38, Capt, Navy  Deceased

Todd Burhans '34, T/5 Army  Deceased

Robert W. Doerr '47, Ens, Navy  Deceased

Marty Knutsen '43, Navy   Active

Ed Wood, Lt, Air Force, Air Medal   Lost

Edgar M. Garton, F 1/c, Navy   Lost

John D. Neel '46, Lt, Air Force  Deceased

John F. Crum Jr '46, A/S, Navy  Deceased

Allen B. Crabtree '43, Lt, Army   Deceased

J. Stanely Cobb '43, Ens, Navy   Active

Robert L. Vanderlin '45, Ens, Navy  Deceased

Milton E. Dickson '43, Sgt, Army  Deceased

Jack B. Nesbitt, Cpl, Army     Lost

John N. Moore '42, Lt, Army  Deceased

John E. Shirey '42, Ens, Navy    Lost

S. A. McFarland, Lt, Army   Lost

James D.  Seitzer '48, Pfc, Army, Purple Heart, Cluster  Active

Arthur Nichols, Lt, Navy   Lost

Robert P. Mechling '48, Capt, Air Force   Active

Dale T. Watters 40, Lt, Army  Deceased

Jack B. Nesbitt '48, Cpl, Army, Purple Heart   Lost 

George J. DeJure '40, Capt, Army  Deceased

Thomas Pryde, Lt Col, Army   Lost

William E. Gollam '42, M3/c, Navy  Deceased

Charles A. Neyhart '49, LT, Air Force   Lost

John F. McCormick '41, Capt, Air Force   Active

Robert W. Marsh '48, T-4, Army  Deceased

William C. Furst '49, Cpl, Army   Deceased

William E. Rudloff '43, Ens, Navy  Deceased

Richard Clarkson '47, Lt, Navy   Deceased

William H. Cotton '42, Pfc, Army   Deceased

Samuel Hettinger, Pvt, Army   Lost

Red Rumsey, LtJG, Navy   Lost

Milton D. Stemler '49, S/C, Navy  Active

Stuart C. Kines '43, Lt, USMC    Active  

Thomas F. North Jr '47, Cpl, Army   Active  

Sherman M. Williams '42, Lt, Army   Deceased

Louis E, Williams '41, S 2/c, Navy   Deceased

Fred C. Wanner '41, S/Sgt, Air Force    Deceased

O. W. Vanderlin '47, Ens, Navy   Active

Henry E. Thomas, Pvt, Army  Lost

William Stuempfle, A/S, Navy  Lost

C.W. Springer, Cpl, Army   Lost

William C. Smith '43, O/C, Army   Deceased

James L. Smith '36, Lt, Navy   Active

F. W. Schneider '45, LT, Air Force   Deceased

John F. Russell ;48, T/S, Army   Deceased

Russell A. Williams Jr '40, Lt, Air Force  Deceased

George N. Rumsey, Ens, Navy     LOst

Walter B. Riley Jr '43, Lt, Army   Deceased

Richard C. Reece '46, A/S, Navy   Deceased

John F. Parkinson '39, Lt, Air Force   Deceased

Dante Victor Morel '42, Capt, Air Force   Deceased

John C. Magnus '48, Lt, Army   Active

Jack W. McKee, Pfc, Army   Lost

Donald E. McKee '46, Lt, Air Force   Active

S. A. McFarland '40, Cpl, Army   Deceased

Robert E. McCord '42, Ens, Navy   Deceased

William H. Norris '36, Ens, Navy    Deceased

David E. Lundy '46, Lt, Army   Deceased

Martin H. Knutsen '43, Jr, Ens, Navy   Deceased

Donald M. Keagy '48, A/C Navy   Deceased

Ray P. Johnson, Lt, Air Force   Lost

Edgar Barton '41, F2/c, Navy   Deceased

William C. Furst, Pvt, Air Force   Lost

George W. Ferguson '42, Capt, Air Force   Deceased

Hank J. Dieterich '42, Ens, Navy   Deceased

Arthur G. Denman '42, Pfc, Army   Deceased

George J. DeJure '40, Capt, Army   Deceased

Emmett P. Davis '48, Major, Army   Deceased

Dean J. Clyde '43, Cpl, Army   Deceased

Richard S. Carkson '47, Pvt, Army   Active

Robert C. Butcher '39, Sgt, Air Force   Deceased

Charles W. Briner '47, S1/c, Navy   Deceased

Edgar Barton '41, F2/c, Navy   Deceased

C. S. Anderson, Jr '40, Capt, Air Force    Deceased

Thomas H. Ainsworth Jr '41, Lt    Deceased

Jared Darlington '38, LtJG, Navy   Deceased

W.C. Darlington '39, LtJG, Navy   Active

David A. Lonkert, A/S, Navy   Lost

Charles W. Briner '41, S1/c, Navy   Deceased

Ray P. Johnson '40, Lt, Army   Deceased

David E. Wagenseller, JR '41 Pfc, Army  

Guy H. Spotts, Capt   Lost

C. W. Springer, Cpl, Army   Lost

Homer B. Metzger '39, LtJG, Navy   Active

Charles W. Landis '39, Lt, Navy   Deceased

Paul Krott '39, Capt, Army   Deceased

George Keehn '40, Ens, Navy   Deceased

Robert W. Hayman '40, Cpl, Army   Deceased

George L. Chedsey '40, LT   Deceased

Brothers who have served in the military during the Vietnam era:

Michael G. Flannigan, '68, Capt, Army   Active

Edward R. Say '68, E/4, Army, Sentinel at Tomb of Unknown Soldier,   Active

Robert L. Zimmerman '69, Army   Active

Jeffrey M. Bower '69, Army   Active

John K. Walmer '69, Army    Active

Richard E. Bentz '69, Army   Active

Gaylord M. Bishop '69 CWO, Army   Deceased

Thomas M. Becker '69, E/5, Army   Active

John J. Cockran '70, Capt, Air Force   Active

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