Tough House Corp. Board Actions At Summer Meeting

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Pi Chapter Takes On 32-Item Agenda

The House Corporation Board met in July at the Chapter House to tackle a 32-item agenda. The chapter received notification from the Borough of State College of its requirement to replace 20 sidewalk squares. A local contractor found by board member Jeff Bower ‘69 has given the board a price of $5,500 versus the Borough's installation costs of $7,500.

The board voted to complete the replacements before the fall semester had begun. The current coded entrance doors' security access systems will be replaced by all new "fob," type access system. Individual room keys for members rooms will still be utilized. All the individual sleeping and study rooms have had their hall doors, frames, and hardware replaced over the last three years. An upgraded whole-house Wi-Fi system was approved for installation prior to start of fall semester for approximately $9,400.

There has been a major move by the seniors to live out of the house during the fall 2016 semester, resulting in acceptance of 11 of their requests and rejection and disaffiliation of nine members. 42 member's contracts to live in the house during the fall 2016 semester were approved. The board will review current policy, which requires all members to live in the house. The current policy only provides a few specific exceptions to living in the house. A high number of financial penalties were accessed to members for late house contract submissions, late or no contracts for out of house members, and late house contract payments. A $2,875 fine was imposed on the total active spring membership for breach of agreement to not allow five disaffiliated members to attend any social functions in the house. Board imposed fines are collected from each members' house security deposits. 

The board also voted to sue for damages for breach of a house contract by one member not living in the house and not notifying house after five requests by the board for his required intent letter. Same person also owed two semesters of social billings. House bills are collected by the University, prior to issuance of grade records for each semester and or registration.  House Corporation voted to not issue new house room key "fobs" to any member expecting to move into the house for fall 2016 until all overdue house bills, fines, and social fees are paid in full. 

Disaffiliation of one member was approved due to his failure to complete mandated TKE national risk management compliance program. Taking the compliance program is required and affects the house liability insurance.  All members are notified numerous times to complete the compliance at the beginning of each semester. Criminal charges are to be filed against another member for malicious destruction of house property, and endangerment of others. That member was also voted to be disaffiliated.

House board approved purchase of various new and replacement furnishings for over $6700:  six new main dining room tables, three additional high top tables for brothers back dining room, eight new high top stools for back dining room, two large leather hassocks for living room, and 25 more stack chairs for the chapter room.  All items are expected to be delivered prior to start of fall semester.  Board sent request through the Prytanis to strongly request his entire active executive officers (eight) be in attendance for the fall and spring house corporation board meetings in order for them to hear firsthand the issues discussed at the board meetings. 

The University task force on new regulations for all Greek organizations is still meeting and has not made final any formal recommendations as of the July 9th Pi Chapter board meeting. The Borough of State College likewise has not voted on any final new housing regulations affecting fraternities and apartments. 

Chapter finances were review and approved.  The house continued to operate with a positive financial balance for spring 2016. A projected fall 2016 budget was approved with a continued positive financial balance. The board voted to hold its normal Homecoming weekend meeting early this year September 18, for the purpose of meeting with the active executive board and the full active membership to discuss further various issues requiring greater risk management and regulation compliance by the active membership. 

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