TKE Ranked 5th Nationally For Membership!

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Submitted by Tom Becker '69, Alumni Board President

TKE has the 5th largest membership nationally with 265,000 brothers and alumni. The other largest national fraternity membership are: SAE with 304,000, Sigma Chi with 300,000, Sigma Phi Epsilon with 289,000 and in fourth place is Lambda Chi Alpha with 280,000.

TKE ranks first in number of active chapter houses with 290. Pi Kappa Alpha has the largest average members per chapter at 68. Pi-TKE will start out with 62 on campus for fall of 2016, 42 living in the house. Chi Phi is the oldest social fraternity founded in 1824 at Princeton. It currently has 48,300 alumni and actives. TKE was founded in 1899 at Illinois Wesleyan University.  Pi-TKE was founded at Penn State in 1923. The smallest chapter allowed by TKE is 20 members and 35 members in a colony. More TKE information:  Motto: "Better men for a better world"; Colors: crimson lake cherry and pure silver grey; Patron Greek divinity: Apollo; Symbol: equal lateral triangle.  Pi-TKE currently has 1,172 living alumni and 62 undergraduates.

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