The Latest List of Pi TKE Veterans

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The following names are the courageous Pi TKE Brothers who have served our great country!

Todd Burhans ’34 T/5 Army

William H. Norris ’36  Ens Navy

James L. Smith ’36  Lt Navy

Jared Darlington ’38  LtJG Navy

Frank H. Rittenhouse ’38  Capt Navy

Robert C. Butcher ’39  Sgt Air Force

Walter C. Darlington ’39  LtJG Navy

Paul G. Krott ’39  Capt Army

Charles W. Landis ’39  Lt Navy

Homer B. Metzger ’39  LtJG Navy

John F. Parkinson ’39  Lt  Air Force

Clarence S. Anderson, Jr ’40 Capt Air Force

George L Chedsey ’40  Lt

George Warren Elliott, Jr ’40  *

George J DeJure ’40  Capt Army

Thurman Gates ’40 S1/c Navy

Merrill Fussenegger ’40  *

Robert W. Hayman ’40 Cpl Army

Raymond P. Johnson ’40  Lt Air Force

George R. Keehn ’40  Ens Navy

Samuel A McFarland, Jr. ’40  Cpl Army

Edwin W. Parkinson ’40  Lt  Air Force

Andrew P. Szekely ’40  Lt Army  *

Dale T. Watters ’40  Lt Army

Russell A. Williams, JR ’40  Lt Air Force

Thomas H. Ainsworth, Jr ’41  Lt

Edgar M. Barton ’41  F2/c Navy

Fred C. Wanner ’41  S/Sgt Air Force

Homer N. Davis ‘41  Lt Marines

John F. McCormick ’41 Capt Air Force

David E. Wagenseller, Jr ’41  Pfc Army

Louis E. Williams ’41  S2/c Navy

James P. Blair ’42 S/Sgt Army

William H. Cotton ’42  Pfc Army

Hank J. Dieterick ’42  LtJG Navy

Arthur G. Denman ’42  Capt Army      

George W. Ferguson ’42  Capt Air Force

Charles F. Flock ’42  Lt Marines

D. D. Gallup ’42 RT2/c Navy

William E. Gollam ’42  M3/c Navy

Robert E. McCord ’42  Ens Navy

Rolla W. Miller, Jr  ’42  *

John N. Moore ’42  Lt Army

Dante V. Morel ’42  Capt Air Force

John E. Shirley ’42  Ens Navy

George N Rumsey ’42  LtJG Navy

Joseph J. Schumucker ’42  Ens Navy  *

Sherman M. Williams ’42  Lt Army

J. Stanley Cobb ’43  Ens Navy

Dean J. Clyde ’43  Cpl Army

Allan B. Crabtree ’43  Lt Army

Milton E. Dickson ’43  Sgt Army

William W. Gotherman ’43  RT3/c Navy

Ralph W. Gray, Jr ’43  LtJG Navy

Max E. Hoadley ’43  Lt

Stuart C. Kines ’43  Lt Marines

Martin H. Knutsen, Jr  ’43  Ens Navy

Charles G. Kunz, Jr ’43  T/4 Army

Walter B. Riley, Jr ’43  Lt Army

William E. Rudloff ’43  Ens Navy

William C. Smith ’43  O/C Army

Edward Wood ’43 Lt Air Force

Ernest L. Zimmerman, Jr  ’43  Lt Navy

Frank W. Schneider ’45  Lt Air Force

Robert L. Vanderlin ’45  Ens Navy

John F. Crum, Jr ’46  A/S Navy

David E. Lundy ’46  Lt Army

Donald E. McKee ’46  Lt Air Force

John D Neel ’46 Lt Army Air Corp

Richard C. Reece ’46 A/S Navy

Frank Stevensen, Jr ’46  Pvt Army

Charles W. Briner ’47  S1/c Navy

Richard S. Clarkson ’47  Lt Navy

Wilbur S. Creelman ’47  Lt Air Force

Robert W. Doerr ’47  Ens Navy

Thomas F. North, Jr ’47  Cpl Army

Otho W. Vanderlin ’47  Ens Navy

Max G. Worthington ’47  Ens Navy

Emmett P. Davis ’48  Major Army

Robert J. Fore ’48  Pvc Army

Donald M. Keagy ’48  A/C Navy

John C. Magnus ’48  Lt Army

Robert W. Marsh ’48  T/4 Army

Robert P. Mechling ’48  Capt Air Force

John B. Nesbitt ’48  Cpl Army

Frank E. Pagenkemper ’48  Lt Army

James K. Russell ’48  S/Sgt Army

James D. Seitzer ’48  Sgt Army

John D. Shull, Jr ’48  Sgt Army

John W. Stevenson ’48  Pvt Army

H. Leroy Winand ’48

L Raymond Dieterich Jr ’49  Sgt Army

William C. Furst ’49  Cpl Army

Jesse V. Hobday ’49  Sgt Air Force

Charles A. Neyhart ’49  Lt  Air Force

Milton D. Stemier ’49  S/C Navy

Stephen E. Chehi ’52  E-5 Army

Joseph H Connelly ’54  Major General  Air Force

John D. Jenkins ’55  Capt Army

Alexander W. Zerban ’55  Lt Army

John M. Bergery ’56  Lt Air Force

Forrest S. (Rusty) Crawford '57 Captain Navy

Joseph F. Galiardi ’57  E-5 Army

James R. Glancy ’57  E/4 Army

Charles F. (Chuck) Harner '57 CDR Navy


Paul R. Johnston '57 Captain US Army Signal Corp.      

Earl E. Brosius ’58  Cpl Army

C. Eugene Heckathorn ’58  Capt Navy

Robert B. Franklin ’59  Pvt Army

Melvin B. Rockey ’59  Sgt Air Force

Eugene  A. Rowland ’59  Cpl Army

Charles A. Bibleheimer ’60  Sgt Marines

Stanley L. Foster ’60   Lt Navy

Theodore R. Haller ’60  Lt Navy

James F. Mackey ’60  Lt Army

John A. Shedden ’60  Lt Army

Peter B Stadler ’60  Lt Army

Keith E. Carlson ’61 Major Marines

Walter W. Darran , Jr. ’61  Lt Navy

Gene A. Flick ’61  PO1st Navy

Harry D. Gerber ’61  Colonel Army

Phillip C. Kreitner ’61  Navy

Barry L. Moore ’61  Capt Marines

Robert E. Rockey ’61  Capt Air Force  *

Cornelius Rodgers ’61  Navy

Doug L Sarbach, ’61  Lt Col Marines

Samuel L Vernallis Navy

Douglas K. Obeck ’62  Colonel Air Force

Leo J. Spaeder, Jr. ’62  Capt Army

Robert L. Bartlett ’63  E/5 Army

Bernard E. Grady ’63  Capt Army

W. Alan Aument ’64  LtJg  Comander Navy       

John A Borgerding ’64  Army     ?

Richard M. Cunnion ’64 LtJg, Navy

Robert O. Grover ’64  LtJg Navy

Alphie (Ralph) Wise '64 LT. Navy  

Charles R. Dooley ’65  Lt Col Army    

Benjamin J. Novak ’65  Army    ?

Michael E. Powers ’65  Capt Navy

Richard M. Bange, Jr ’66  Lt Navy

James S. Changaris ’66  LtJG Navy

Dale A. Davenport ’66  Lt Navy

John C. Gilliland ’67  Capt Army

James D. Jensen ’66  Capt Army

Robert A. Mase ’66  Lt Army

Kenneth S. Peterson ’66  Brig General Air Force

John D. Vandemeer ’66  Capt Army

Gary H. Weiss ’66  E/5 Army

Vernis Mickey Deming ’67      ?

Theodore H. Dwyer, Jr. ’67  Lt Navy

John C. Gilliland ’67  Capt Army

Richard W. Kooman II ’67  Lt Army

H. Scott Wampole ’67  Colonel Army

Richard W. Wieand ’67  Sp5 Army

Timothy A. Wiggin ’67  Lt Army

William S. Wray ’67  Capt Air Force

Jeffrey A. Young ’67  Lt Army

Dennis J. Beck ’68  Pvt Marines

John A Cavicchio, Jr. ’68 E/5 Marines

Michael G. Flanigan ’68 Capt Army

James D Jensen ’68  Army             ?

Robert R. McConnell ’68, E/5 Army

Lawrence G. Myslewski ’68 E/5 Army

Edward R. Say ’68  E/4 Seninel Tomb of Unknown Soldier

Michael L. Torcasi ’68  E/5 Army 

George T. Alexander ’69  Capt Air Force

Thomas M. Becker ’69  E/5 Army

Richard E. Bentz ’69  E/5 Army

Gaylord M. Bishop ’69  CWO/Army  *

Jeffrey M. Bower ’69  Army         ?

Ned A. Bulk ’69   E-4  Army

Robert Cinibulk, Jr. ’69  Capt Air Force

John K. Walmer ’69  E/5 Army

Robert L Zimmerman ’69  E/5 Army

John J. Cochran ’70  Capt Air Force

Dennis R. Proffitt ’70  E/4 Army

David V. McKeever ’71  Capt Navy

Barry C. Erb ’77  Capt Navy 

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