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In our October eLetter, we highlighted past Pi Chapter Prytanis, Andrew Tomaskevitch ’13. Andrew accomplished many things during his time at 346 E. Prospect, including bringing a top TKE Chapter award during his tenure as Prytanis. As a testament to Andrew’s character- the kind you develop at Pi Chapter, we received the following submission from a fellow Frater. 

David Michael ’88 writes:

“In a spontaneous move and at the urging of some of my non-TKE PSU buddies, I joined Pi Chapter for the OSU v. PSU game. This was around Halloween of 2012.

However, I also carved out a real nice chunk of time to visit 346 East Prospect Avenue; and the highlight of my visit to Pi Chapter was getting introduced to Andrew Tomaskevitch. During our swapping of war stories of different eras, I observed that Andrew was a real first-class frater, Prytanis, and buddy - and it made me feel that Pi Chapter was in exceptional hands.

Then, as I was expecting to fly out on my scheduled returning flight back to San Diego, Hurricane Sandy scrubbed all flights out of the area and I was unable to book a hotel room, so Andrew got me completely dialed in and from there, we continued to reminisce over past experiences, while concurrently building new ones.

We also enjoyed a Hurricane Sandy party with Andrew and the rest of the house. Good times. But above all, I will never forget how Andrew truly went out of his way to hook a brother up. On top of that, though we'd just hung out for a few days, it seemed like we'd been brothers for years. Much love and respect to former Prytanis Tomaskevitch, from one of the members of the Old Guard!

YITB, Frater David Michael, '88

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