Which Frater Was a TV and Film Star?!

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You’ve probably all seen “Smokey and the Bandit,” Burt Reynolds in his black Trans Am, and “Cannonball Run.” It’s probably safe to say that you hadn’t realized a former TKE Frater and native of Altoona, Pa., played in both of those films, among many others. This month, we received an update from Ralph “Alphie” Wise ’64, who has lived an interesting life.

“I served in the US Navy from 1964-1968. I was discharged as a Lieutenant and relocated to Los Angeles, CA, where I enjoyed a productive and successful career as an Actor in TV and films. I co-starred in 22 films and starred or guest-starred in many episodic TV shows.

I starred in the Sandy Duncan Show, Trauma Center, and S Club 7 in Miami. I am currently semi-retired in Juniper, FL, consulting in Real Estate Investment and Acquisition of retirement and second homes in Palm Beach County.”

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