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Richard Kalich ’67, shares why he gives

Congratulations to Frater Kalich, first on the 2017 annual fund honor roll for Pi Chapter in 2017! Will you join him? We caught up with Mr. Kalich recently to ask him a few questions about TKE, his time there, and why he feels it’s important to give back. 

“I joined TKE as an undergraduate for two reasons,” said Kalich. “One, because it was recognized as one of the top fraternities at Penn State with a lot of interesting individuals and an active social program and two, because of the upperclassmen who actively participated in the rush process.”

Kalich went on to add that as an undergraduate at the house, he held the positions of Pledge Class President and Social Chairman.

“With the right group of associates/friends, even the most challenging situations, i.e. pledging, can be enjoyable. Knowing and practicing correct manners, etiquette, and dress codes will serve you well in any environment. Celebrate your successes and make time to socialize/party with your friends!”

Frater Kalich went on to add that personal giving plans should include those organizations and institutions that have contributed to our personal success.

As for his personal advice to current and future members of Pi Chapter- “The Fraternity will increase the depth and richness of your college experience and be a source of lifelong friends.”

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