Fraters and Families, Circa 1960

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This year, 1950s era Pi TKES will gather for their final reunion, an annual gathering that has stood the test of time over 63 years. This final gathering of these faithful Fraters will take place in Wildwood Crest, NJ May 23-24. For further information, please contact Jack Gruber ’56 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 610.927.4666. As for who's who in the photo:

Back row:  Don Taylor ‘54, Gene Shue ‘56, Jack Pinezich ‘55, Gerry Gillispie ‘55 (holding Terry Gillispie), Fury Feraco ‘54, Dick Stevens ‘55, Bob Franks ‘56, Darrell Ray ‘55, Nancy Ray, and Gene Laughlin ‘55.

Front row:  George Georgieff ‘53, (Scott Taylor), woman and child unknown, Norma Shue, Brian Shue, Evie Pinezich, Sally Gillispie, Marie Stevens, Dottie Franks, woman unknown, and Alyce Lauglin.

Row with Kids:  Mike Shue, child unknown, Tom Gillispie, Neil Shue, Tom Franks, Kirk Franks, in front of Tom is Dick Stevens, child in front of Sally Gillispie is Dick Stevens other son.

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