Fraternity Regulations Handed Down

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The university Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL) has issued their anticipated new regulations following the tragic death incident at Beta Theta Pi.  These new immediate regulations are further subject to additional regulations that may be coming forth from the university’s task force on all Greek organizations.  The immediate new rules include:

  • No further social events for the remainder of the semester, that serve any form of alcohol within their houses or at off site social events.
  • Pledge programs have been put on a hold until each fraternity presents to OFSL a new written weekly activities program .
  • House will all be subject to more frequent inspections and visits to maintain the no social functions order.
  • House party capacities upon resumption of parties, will be regulated to a maximum capacity allowed in the house by the Borough’s Fire Marshal.  Pi-TKE’s rated capacity is 287.  This number of occupants at an event is governed by the exit capacities of exterior door and stairways in case of an emergency.

 Other regulations being considered:

  • No hard liquor at any social event, only beer and wine allowed.
  • All social events where beer and wine will be served must use the services of bartender certified by the PA Liquor Control Board.
  • Greater monitoring of social events by OFSL.

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