Welcome Our Newest Addition To The House Corporation Board!

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Pi Chapter warmly welcomes alumnus James Duus ’14 to our House Corp. Board. James joined us in April and will add value to our organization as it moves forward. If you’d like to reach out to James, he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We recently caught up with James to ask him a few questions. Read on to see what he has to say on his reasons for joining Pi Chapter, and his vision for the future of the Fraternity system.

“My decision to join a fraternity as an undergraduate was driven by my desire to build relationships with other motivated young men. I knew that I could get this experience from many of the houses on campus, but when I first walked into the Pi Chapter house during Rush Week in the Fall of 2011, it was apparent that TKE was different - it was not just a house, it was, and still is, a true brotherhood. The guys I met during Rush that week convinced me that it was possible to have a fraternity experience in which I could positively give back to the community, actively pursue leadership opportunities, maintain a high grade point average, and build professional relationships, all while enjoying life in a beautiful chapter house. I can happily say that they were right.

As undergraduates we understood that it was the Board's responsibility to maintain the chapter house, to raise funding for improvements, and to keep an eye out for all of the active members as trusted advisers. Ultimately, the Board is instrumental in enabling the fraternity experience for all active members.

In joining the Pi Chapter House Corporation Board, I wanted the opportunity to facilitate the fraternity experience for the current active members, as was done for me a few short years ago. I wanted the opportunity to work with the current Board members, all of whom are very successful in their own careers, to learn how to smoothly manage and operate an organization. Additionally, I saw joining the Board as a chance to preserve the Pi Chapter house itself, so that all Pi Chapter brothers (past, present, and future) may enjoy it as I did.

The most rewarding part of being a Pi Chapter Alumnus are the connections that the shared Pi TKE experience provides. I have met mentors and mentees, future leaders, co-workers and life-long friends, who otherwise would be strangers, and I look forward to connecting with even more brothers. The relationships that I have built through Pi House continue to be very rewarding.

The fraternity system at Penn State is obviously in a precarious situation currently. Safety will always be the priority, and changes need to happen to ensure that the safety of all Penn State students is never compromised. The actions taken by the Penn State Board of Trustees on June 2nd of this year are, I believe, a step in the right direction.

I foresee the Greek undergraduate culture as a whole shifting from its current state, to a more community service- and career-driven culture, where members are encouraged to socialize, but maintain high expectations for each other and demand accountability from each other. The old self-governing fraternity system was not able to support itself with the current generation of Greeks, but I believe that once this era of transition concludes, we will be left with a sustainable community of men and women that are motivated to improve themselves and their community. I know that the Pi Chapter House Corporation will continue to work towards building an active chapter that champions our essential elements of true brotherhood - "Love, Charity, and Esteem."

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