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Larry Myslewski ’68 Thanks TKE for Profound Impact

According to Larry Myslewski ’68, the TKE experience was more educational than all of his classes combined. And coming from someone with such a successful career and life under his belt, it’s hard not believe it. We caught up with Larry for a Q&A and learned what he’s been up to, which brother he met up with recently and more.

Q: What was your TKE experience like?

A: My TKE experience was more educational than all my undergraduate classroom courses combined. Leadership opportunities and community involvement were new to me then, and extremely useful to me since then. Particularly memorable to me are the trips to Beach Haven, NJ, where the beach life first became a big part of my life.

Q: What came next for you after PSU?

A: My budding business career in New York was halted three months after graduation, when the U.S. Army decided it needed to draft me. Fortunately a fellow Penn Stater had me stationed in the Pentagon, and I began my long affection for Washington D.C. Upon my discharge two years later, I returned to Long Island where the ocean again was close at hand, followed by my big business and HR experience in NYC. Having conquered NYC in three years, I returned to D.C. where my career in human resource management took off, and became the HR Director for the NASDAQ stock exchange. D.C. also became the home of my graduate level studies, leading to an MBA from George Washington University in 1984. The MBA was my entry into the management consulting world, first with Booz Allen, the Hay Group, and then Towers Watson. Every career deserves a hiatus, however, and mine was to start up and run a small business in 2001 in Rehoboth Beach, DE: the Vespa motor scooter dealership. What fun to drive a Vespa at the beach, which I did for seven years, and continue to enjoy scooting today. However, with HR and consulting in my DNA, I closed the store in 2008 and was lured back to D.C. as a senior HR consultant to the World Bank. The Bank has been my springboard to world travel in over 30 countries, which I continue to enjoy today.

Q: How would you describe the impact TKE has had on your life?

A: Clearly, my TKE experience was a driving force in my successes, both professionally and personally. While difficult to quantify, I know that TKE has had a profound impact on my life.

Q: What has inspired you to give back so generously to the chapter?

A: Having been fortunate to enjoy so much for so long, it is only natural to want to give back to those who have helped along the way. TKE is one of my many give-backs.

Q: Do you still keep in touch with any brothers? If so, who and how?

A: Keeping in touch is not one of my strong characteristics, but I was fortunate to have lunch with Tom Becker ’69 last fall in Rehoboth Beach. However, I welcome the opportunity to lunch with any brothers traveling to D.C. or Rehoboth Beach. My email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q: What are you up to these days? 

A: I now spend three days each week in D.C. consulting to the World Bank, and the remainder of the time at my home in Rehoboth Beach or traveling internationally, so there is no time to travel the circuitous route to State College. I do miss the Creamery, though. My partner Lee, and our Boston Terrier Spike, and I continue to enjoy our many friends and professions in both Washington and Rehoboth Beach. Reduced professional schedules, though, leave plenty time to cook, entertain, and travel. Life is good!

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