Pi Chapter Continues Forward

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The Pi House Corporation, TKE board met for its quarterly summer meeting on July 22 in State College.  It was the first meeting of the board and actives since the board’s May 22 decision to temporary close the house for the 2017-2018 academic year.

The full board membership, 8 alumni and 2 active officers were present.  In addition three other actives asked to be present.  The first part of the meeting was for discussion with the actives on numerous questions about the status of the membership, and concerns for the continuance of the chapter without living in a chapter house:

  1. Actives reported their belief all members had found off campus apartment housing.
  2. Current estimate believe approximately half of the 72 members will remain as actives.
  3. Several resignations are in the process on the actives executive board.
  4. The current Prytanis resigned. The unofficial new Prytanis was present at the board meeting.
  5. All five actives present were remaining active and expressed their dedication to helping make the cultural and social changes to meet the new regulations from the university, the borough, the neighborhoods, and the fraternity alumni boards.

Next year’s rush/recruitment program was discussed with request by the actives to allow the use of the house and its grounds during fully-sanctioned university rush events.  Actives stressed the need to show the renovated house as an excellent advantage to attracting quality members. 

  1. Actives discussed marketing ideas they could use to counter any negativity of rushees in joining a house that had temporarily closed.
  • Discussed also was the possibilities that other houses might use TKE’s closing as an advantage for their rush programs. The ideas
  • provided were to stress the fact other houses would be subject to the expected extreme scrutiny this year by the community and it is predicted other fraternities will be closed as a result of their non-compliances with ongoing regulation changes. TKE is taking a year off to cautiously observe, reprogram and better react to future issues while not being open, will be less exposed to disciplinary closing expected in the 2017-2018 year.  Setting of higher standards, and an even more select, smaller new member’s class of rushees was agreed upon.
  1. Actives requested use of the parking lot to assemble their annual homecoming float. TKE is already paired with a sorority for homecoming.
  2. Actives reported their three-year running sorority partner for Thon, was not joining with TKE for Thon in 2018. Actives would find a new partner.

 Two of the actives present will be attending the TKE National Onclave as representatives of Pi Chapter.

  1. Actives discussed the need to revise, reprogram the new members (pledge) program and receive university approval. New written program approvals are required before any rush activities can go forth at all fraternities.  
  2. Collection of TKE national and IFC dues will be the responsibility of the actives, along with any additional new fees coming from the university’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. There will be no billings to the actives from the house corporations for 2017-2018. Corporation will consider assisting in any new OFSL fee payments for remaining active members.
  3. Potential requirements by the university for a portion of all fraternities having seniors remain living in the houses was discussed. TKE already has a policy of significantly discounting senior house bills to encourage seniors to remain and provide leadership and mentoring to the younger members

Board approved renovation expenses for all new carpeting in the upper hall ways and the main stair; refinishing the first floor wood floors (last sanding had taken place about 20 years ago); repainting of all public areas.  Purchase of additional furniture and, replacements were to be reviewed at the fall board meeting. The actives in attendance were expressing dedication to their acceptance of all the effort they will need to continue the chapter.  The alumni members too were pleased with the results of the meeting and the numerous new ideas needed to go forth.

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