Welcome Our New Chapter Prytanis!

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Pi Chapter would like to welcome Chris Humza, who takes over the role of Chapter Prytanis during a year of adversity for TKE at Penn State. We caught up with Chris recently to ask him a few questions regarding Chapter plans, and what he sees on the road ahead for Pi Chapter.

Why did you join TKE at Penn State? What attracted you to them in particular?

“During rush last fall, my hometown friend and I were finishing up looking at houses on zone day, when we walked past TKE. We saw brothers outside throwing a football and having a lacrosse catch, which drew our attention. We figured we might as well check out one last house before we went back to our dorms. So we went into the house and got a tour from Andrew Sakamato, who is currently a senior, and we were thoroughly impressed. Sakamato came off as a relatable, honest, and well-rounded guy. After the tour, Anthony and I came to realize that Sakamato was quite reflective of the house as a whole. Every brother treated us with respect, and made us feel at home during rush. So although TKE has a lot to offer physically, academically, and socially, it was the brothers who made me want to be a TKE.

What are some of your favorite memories so far as a TKE?

“One of my favorite memories that I’ve had as a TKE was setting up the Christmas tree and decorations for the house. Bringing the tree into the house was a brotherhood event itself. We had probably 15-20 guys trying to get this huge but beautiful Christmas tree into the house. Once we finally got the tree in, we stood it upright and turned out to be about 5 feet too tall… so we had to bring it through the narrow doorway again and set it up in the backyard until we got a smaller tree. Nonetheless it was still a great experience and bonding moment for all.”

What are your goals this year as incoming Prytanis?

“This year I have very high expectations for the fraternity, and have set goals accordingly. One of my main goals this year is to improve the organization of the house so that brothers can be effective members of the community and the house. I also am raising our standards for philanthropy and THON fundraising. I am working hard to restore the fraternal bond that the fraternity system was founded upon. Most importantly, I would like to see Pi Chapter become a house that is made up of brothers who are respectable, generous, and hard-working and that can have a great college experience in a smart and responsible way.”

With the House being closed this year, what is your plan to keep all of the Active members connected?

“If there is one thing I am not concerned about this year it is keeping the brotherhood connected. I have no doubt in my mind that this year all the brothers will see each other often and stay in constant contact. Our brothers are the people that we spend the most time with. I know that even if the house weren’t reopening in the 2018-2019 school year, our brotherhood would remain unbroken.”

Tell us a little bit about yourself- things to include would be hobbies, why you chose Penn State, tell us a little bit about your major and what you hope to accomplish after college?

“I am definitely the kind of person that is always open to try something new, and I believe that is reflected through the interests I have. I am a self-taught woodworker. I have been woodworking for about 4 years, and learned mostly everything I know from YouTube videos. I have also spent 5 years in the fire service. When I was 18, I got my national firefighting certification. The fire service has taught me how a successful organization is maintained. I plan to take that knowledge and implement it into the fraternity. I chose Penn State because I have always loved the school, and my grandfather and sister are Penn-Staters too. I am working to be accepted into the Smeal Business School this year, but am not certain on what I would like to do after college. I have always been fascinated with entrepreneurship so potentially something along those lines.”

Where do you see the direction of the Fraternity heading during your tenure?

 “I see nothing but great things ahead for Pi Chapter in the upcoming year. It is certainly going to be a difficult journey but I have full faith in my brothers that we will not just maintain our fraternity but we will thrive. The majority of the brothers love this house and their brothers as if they were their own, and when the time comes to step up, I know I can call on any one of them and they will be there.”

Any advice for those wishing to become a Pi Chapter TKE in the future?

“My advice for anyone who wishes to become a Pi Chapter TKE is that this year is going to be a year of change and prosperity. And if they want to be a part of it, they will become a great man along the way. It is an experience that will give back to you again and again and again. I would never want to go through college not being a Pi Chapter TKE.”

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