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Fraters L-R are: Rich Kalich '67, Wayne Kline '67, Harry Woloson '68, and Jeff Young '67

The Recollections of Pi Frater Wayne Kline ‘67

Tom Becker ‘69 and I have been in touch for a few years. He recently sent me a list of Brothers who spanned the time period 1964 – 1968. This covers all of the Brothers in my pledge class, and some who went before me, and some I remember well who went just after me. Reviewing this list has sparked a number of fond memories of TKE experiences. Here are the ones that grab my immediate attention. I sure hope they are accurate. At 72, my memory bank is starting to resemble that of HAL in 2001 A Space Odyssey, towards the end.

I now remember the two Brothers who led our pledge "training" sessions, both in ROTC:

Ken Peterson ‘66 (Air Force)

Ken Myers ‘64 (Army)

These guys were great. When I went through Army Basic Training at Ft. Dix, NJ in 1968 I had already experienced this sort of "training" as a Pledge. Got through it with flying colors. The only thing I was not prepared for was "Escape and Evasion."

I have only dim recollections of those Brothers in the 1964 class other than Ken Peterson and Ken Myers. One I remember clearly is Dr. Joe Manjone ‘64.

And Frank Quigley ‘64 (The Bear). I once got into a drinking contest with him. I forget who won.

And Ralph "Alfie" Wise ‘64. I remember him parachuting down from a plane next to Beaver Stadium for a football game. He came up into the stands still dressed in his flight suit. After graduation, he ended up in Los Angeles. Always meant to look him up. He was a good friend with Burt Reynolds and even had a role in one of his later films: The End. He was one of the male nurses at the end of the film.

Dick Althouse ‘65 was a good friend. He informed me at some point that the Althouses and Klines were related. Had no idea. But I recently found a Wallace G. Althouse as an attendee of the 1926 Klein-Kline Family reunion. He was married to a Verdella M. Klein b. 1861. She is a direct descendant of my g-g-g-g-g grandfather. Dick was right. Small world. He was a collector of university beer mugs. I bought him a couple from SoCal universities. Last time I ever saw him.

Got re-connected with my roomie Dick Bange ‘66 some years ago after my wife and I finally moved back to Pennsylvania from Southern California. We had a nice lunch at a place he recommended in Havre de Grace, MD. I reminded him of an incident he did not remember. We used to keep the windows in our room open a lot of the time, except in the winter. Well, one morning I discovered a bat in the room, flying all around trying to find a way out. I had to finally get a broom and trap it against the wall so I could grab his wings and release him out the window. Can't imagine why Dick could not remember that. We didn't find a bat in the room every day of the week.

Dale Davenport ‘66 was famous among pledges for being difficult to get up in the morning. He would sign up for a particular wake-up call, and when it arrived, the pledge would give him a first call. But after a second and third call, he was still soundly asleep. And if he missed an important class, he got furious at the pledge who was supposed to make sure he got up. So when I was assigned as wake-up, I went through the motions. And after the third call, I took a couple of ammonia capsules and crushed them under his nose. He suddenly woke up like a shot, got very angry, then chased me out of the dorm, out of the house, and down the street. Both the Brothers and Pledges got a big laugh out of it. But he made his class.  Fortunately, Dale and I became good friends as singers in the Penn State Glee Club and the TKE quartet.

One of my fondest memories is of being the Songleader for TKE for a couple of years. TKE had always been regarded as a “singing” house, and our quartet at that time did us justice. One of my fondest memories as Song Leader at this time was the performance we did in the Greek Week Sing for 1966. I chose a very stirring number that absolutely spoke to the sense of Brotherhood in a fraternity. But the quality of singing had gone down from years before. So when we went on stage, I had decided to do something to "lighten up" our guys, many of whom were not "polished" singers. I took a shirt cardboard and drew a hand on it, with the middle finger extended, and cut it out. Then before ascending the stage, I stuffed it down my cumberbund. And just before we started to perform the number, I reached into my cumberbund and pulled up the hand with extended finger. It got a good reaction from the chorus - the audience might have been a bit confused with all the laughing. But I think it tended to calm our chorus down. We didn't win that year, but I will go to my grave remembering the great reaction that extended finger got.

And I've solved the problem of who the 4th Brother was in our TKE quartet: George Dove ‘65. He was T1, Dale Davenport was T2, I was Baritone, and Ed Rounds was Bass - one of the best Basses I have ever heard. I did not see him on this list, for some reason. But I have vivid memories of practicing our quartet in the living room of the house. We were all in the Penn State Glee Club. Ed Rounds used to drive the Director - Frank Gullo - crazy. Whenever we ended some piece of music, Ed would sing the Bass note up one-half step, creating some very audible dissonance. Gullo's ear was well-tuned. He always heard it, and shouted out to the chorus: Who is doing that? Ed never fessed up. And it continued to drive Gullo crazy. Ed roomed with my Big Brother, Ted Dwyer ‘67. Ask Ted for reminiscences of Ed. One eccentricity I remember is that Ed sometimes spent weekends "riding the rails" of trains between Pennsylvania and Chicago and back. Have often wondered what that was like.

Ted Dwyer was my Big Brother. He was a great influence in my life. Remember him for having the biggest feet for anyone his age. And he was the skate-boarding champion of E. Prospect Ave. E. Prospect Ave north of Sigma Chi went precipitously downhill. Ted was the first, and only, person ever to try skate-boarding down that hill. A man way ahead of his time!!! We have since re-connected since we moved back to PA. Ted lives down Rt. 52 towards Wilmington, DE. We had dinner with him and his wife Cindy shortly after we returned to PA. We have met him a couple times since, and he attended one of our choral performances. Hope to stay connected. I will always remember his wedding up in Central Pennsylvania, jumping off the diving board into the pool at 1 AM.

Did not know Ben Novak ‘65 very well, but I followed him for years in his role in the TKE alumni. TKE has been blessed with some dedicated Fraters who have tried to lead the fraternity in the right direction.

Have been in touch with Ron Pontius ‘65. I researched his genealogy. His earliest ancestor, Johannes Pontius (1717 - 1792), came to America on the same ship as my earliest ancestor. Incredible! The Pontius family were early settlers of Northumberland County in PA.

I knew that the following Brothers were deceased:

Mike Powers ‘65 (famous for chasing fire engines, both in State College and hometown Chicago).

Dale Davenport ‘66

Ross Gibson ‘66

Karl Knecht ‘66 (a very good friend).

Bob Mase ‘66 (from Lebanon, PA. When I first appeared at a TKE Pledge recruiting party, Bob was starting to go up the stairs to the second floor landing. And when he heard me talking to one of the Brothers, he immediately turned around and said to me: I know exactly where you are from! My Pennsylvania Dutch accent gave me away, he and I lived less than 15 miles apart. He certainly knew a Pa. Dutch accent when he heard it.)

Mike Steffy ‘66 (a close friend from high school, introduced me to TKE. I dedicated my contribution to the TKE house renovation to his memory. Passed on way too early.)

Dick Kooman ‘67 (one of the very flamboyant members of our Pledge Class.)

Denny Beck ‘68 (wrestled him on the first floor landing one Friday night, got beat badly. Denny was on the Penn State wrestling team.)

Charley Rosebrock ’68 (the Wild Man, former Drum Major of the Blue Band. Roomed with Denny Beck right next to me and Dick Bange.)

Did not know about Roger Behrenhausen ‘66, Ken Stokes ‘65, Jeff Glasser ‘66Dennis Hinkler ‘66S. D. Scott ‘67, and Rick Widmer ‘68. Good guys, all! RIP.

I communicate with John Vandermeer ‘66 (Digger) now and then on Facebook. Remember him very fondly for his feedback on the Army after I joined in 1968.

Re: Steve Cunnion ‘67. Steve as House Manager was in charge of keeping clean bed sheets in the laundry closet on the 2nd floor. But because people were taking bed sheets out faster than he could replace them, he put a lock on the door. This became very frustrating for a number of us. So I composed the following poem/song to him and posted it on the laundry closet door:

To the tune of Officer Krupke, from West Side Story, with apologies to Leonard B:

Deeeeear kindly Frater Cunnion

With your policy I agree.

It's just that when the time comes

to change my laun-dar-y.

I can't get in the closet

to plop my grimy sheets.

Golly Moses, naturally I reek.

Gee, Stevie Cunnion

We're down on our knees.

Cause no one likes a frat house

that's all covered with fleas.

Gee, Stevie the Hammer

what are we to do?

Gee Steven Cunnion

Krup you!

Not sure Steve was amused? 

Still in touch with Rich Kalich ‘67. We had a small reunion several years ago in Southern California: Rich Kalich, me, Harry Woloson ‘68, and Jeff Young ‘67.

Have followed Mike Keebaugh's ‘67 career. He became a top intelligence executive for Raytheon. I think he was in charge of the development of the satellites used to target enemy troops and equipment in the Mid-East. One of our Best and Brightest!

Did not know Jeff Morse ‘67 very well. But I notice that he teaches/taught at the Barnhart School in Arcadia, CA. We lived in Temple City, right next to Arcadia. And my wife knows the Barnhart School very well. First rate school!

Harry Pitchok ‘67 was my Little Brother at one point, although he was older than I was. He and I played soccer for PSU - he was a fantastic forward, tremendous athlete. I missed his wedding and reception, which I later heard was a humdinger - he was Polish, she was Italian. I don't see an email address for him. Would love to get back in touch.

Will have to get in touch with Barry Swavely ‘67. He was originally from Berks County, now in Lancaster County. I go up that way all the time.

Still in touch with Jeff Young. One of his impressive and important obsessions in retirement is photographing the Bighorn Sheep in the Anza-Borrego Desert in Southern California. I have two large blow-up photos of some of these sheep. Absolutely stunning! His photos should really be in National Geographic, they are that good.

Remember Noble Anderson ‘68 very well. He lived in the basement and had this pet rabbit. We got the rabbit stoned one weekend by feeding him grain alcohol from an eye dropper. Seems very cruel today, but sure was funny then. I think he also had a hamster or two. I vaguely remember somebody making a parachute out of a handkerchief one weekend and we dropped the parachuted hamster off the second floor landing. It didn't work as well as we had thought.

Also knew Brent Werner ‘68 pretty well. He went to high school at Gov. Mifflin near Reading - one of our high school rivalries in basketball. And found out later he also went to the Intelligence School at Ft. Holabird, MD, where he was trained in all sorts of technical trade craft. Have not seen him in years. He apparently was not at the Intelligence School at the same time I was.


Wayne Kline

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