Annual Kickoff Appeal on Its Way!

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Now that you’ve read about the continuous improvements going on at Pi Chapter, why not make your contribution to our yearly annual fund to support the group of 52 young men who will proudly call themselves TKE Brothers this fall when the house re-opens?

Fresh paint, new floors, and a renewed sense of direction will greet them at the doors of 346 E. Prospect, and we’ll hope you’ll drop in for a visit, particularly at a gathering this fall, which we will announce at a later date – stay tuned.

In the meantime, please consider a gift to join the 2018 Honor Roll HERE. You can donate electronically, or via the letter you will be receiving in the mail.  Four TKE Brothers have joined the Honor Roll already – thank you to George Burnham Beard ’61, Kenneth Nalwasky ’87, Kenneth Robert Franklin ’59 and R. Bruce Williams ‘65.

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