New Borough Regulations on Parking at Fraternities - What You Should Know

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The borough of State College recently passed an ordinance forbidding parking on any grass areas throughout the borough. This means no one can park on our lawns when returning to the university for any events. All parking will have to be accommodated on the adjoining streets. Also passed in the same ordinance was the forbidding of parking on all streets in the Highlands Neighborhood (where Pi TKE and numerous other fraternities are located) between the hours of 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM. When returning to the house for events, please remember these new borough parking rules. The local fraternities' alumni association (LFAA) vigorously opposed both these ordinance. The borough council vote was 5-2 in favor of the new ordinances. They will be in effect for an 18 month "trial period." The main supporter of this ordinance was the Highland Neighborhood Association who have become obsessive vigilantes against fraternities and their weekend events held in the Highland neighborhood.

An a reminder:

Currently there are 37 fraternities, 13 multi-cultural societies, and 24 sororities functioning on campus. TKE is  one of the 37 functioning fraternities, although for this academic year it is not residing within its chapter house. The following 14 Greek organizations have been suspended, for various reasons, with their resumption of active status noted below:

Alpha Chi Omega, hazing, spring 2021
Alpha Chi Rho, hazing, July 2018
Alpha Sigma Phi, hazing and alcohol violations, spring 2019
Beta Theta Pi, hazing, permanently
Delta Tau Delta, alcohol, drugs, fall 2018
Delta Upsilon, alcohol, drugs, fall 2018
Kappa Delta Rho, hazing, May 2018
Phi Kappa Tau, hazing, May 2017
Phi Mu Delta, hazing, July 2018
Phi Kappa Phi, hazing, April 2018
Pi Lambda Phi, alcohol, drugs, non conformance to hosting regulations, spring 2019
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, alcohol, drugs, non conformance to hosting regulations, spring 2019
Sigma Alpha Mu, multiple infractions, April 2019|
Sigma Lamba Gamma, hazing, April 2018

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