Support A New Beginning at TKE- There's Never Been a Better Time!

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Spring is in the air. Happy Valley is abuzz with events, and our undergraduate Brothers look toward summer, graduation, new jobs and new beginnings. Coach Franklin has the football squad on the cusp of a National Title, Men’s basketball won the NIT tournament, the wrestling team continues to conquer and the number of men and women seeking to join a Greek letter organization is at an all-time high. Indeed, these are exciting times to call yourselves Alumni of The Pennsylvania State University. Like you, TKE looks forward to new beginnings. This year has been a turbulent one in which the Greek system has faced scrutiny on levels never before envisioned. It is safe to say, we are in the midst of a new era

With that said, the state of TKE is sound, thanks to strong fundraising efforts and prudent decision-making by your Board.

Our Brothers continue to excel in the classroom and in the State College community. This year, they participated in THON (Greek organizations raised a total of $10,151,663.93), and in the classroom, the men posted a 3.19 GPA in fall 2017.

I thank all of you who have contributed each year to continue to allow the Active Brothers a chance at the same opportunities you enjoyed as an Undergraduate thanks to Alumni support.

If you haven’t made your gift yet this year, or even ever, consider making this your new beginning in supporting Pi Chapter. If you have already made your gift, thank you again. Your name is recognized HERE, and your continued support helps keep our Alumni Communications thriving, which in turn keeps us all connected to the Brotherhood.

The Brothers can always use our help, and so long as we are there for each new beginning, Pi will remain a top fraternal experience at Penn State. As you continue to make your contributions to various charitable causes, we hope you will keep TKE Penn State at the top of your list!

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