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Dear Alumni of TKE Pi Chapter,

Since the closing of our chapter house for the 2017-2018 school year, the remaining actives have taken the time to reassess our values, our duties as brothers, and most importantly, to recognize how much the brotherhood means to us all.  With the house reopening in the Fall, and University sanctions from 2016 violations expiring in the Spring, we are very excited for the coming year.

We have begun to once again make philanthropy, through our participation in THON and local charities, one of our main commitments as a brotherhood. We also are prioritizing campus involvement, leadership, and academic success, before trying to be the “go-to party house.” Some of our recent accomplishments include our recent pledge class boasting an overall GPA of 3.58, which is the highest overall GPA of any of PSU’s current fraternity new pledge classes with the next highest being in the 3.40 range. Our chapter also amazingly raised $50,917.82 for Penn State THON this past year. Though the new executive board members (all sophomores and recent initiates at the time of election) have been put in charge in a time of tougher policy changes within Penn State Greek Life, we have all adjusted very well to the challenges. In short, we have successfully restored order and structure in our fraternity, and Pi Chapter TKE is stronger than ever. As a member of the executive board, I can assure you the brotherhood, and the chapter, are in good hands.

I would like to remind the alumni of Pi Chapter TKE that the house is every bit yours as it is the active brothers. Not only is our house a place to socialize, it is also a place in which we have all made lasting memories, friendships, and most importantly, where we grow to become fine young men. As the chapter house reopens this coming semester, it will be complete with much needed renovations and improvements that we will be pleased to show off. This Spring the active brothers of Pi Chapter TKE will be inviting our respected alumni to visit the chapter house to meet the actives, check out the house improvements, and trade stories with fellow Tekes about the glory days. Look for the details in a upcoming communication.

The actives of Pi Chapter TKE want our chapter house to thrive for many years in order to promote active brotherhood and instill pride within the chapter. We hope that you make the journey to State College so we can show the progress that we have made to our house, and within our brotherhood. The active brothers are eager to meet with you and for the advice that you can share with us.

Yours In The Bond,

Teagen Golden, ‘20 - Histor

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