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We need your commitment to match ours!

The Pi TKE chapter house will reopen this fall after a year of closure, re-organization and renovation. We will see 25-26 members returning to the house who have never lived in the house due to the closure, and 21 additional members who have elected to live in apartments.

During this past year the seven alumni board members and the actives' executive board have dealt with numerous problems that have come with the closure and the massive amount of new regulations, inspections, and training now being required by the university and the borough. It  has and will continue to be a significant undertaking to comply while still trying to rush future TKEs. Our challenge to grow the membership faces the competition between the physical assets of our 90-year-plus old house versus the newer apartment complex amenities.

We have begun the rethinking of how to compete with apartments by making all rooms single occupancy, refurnishing a quiet study/library, planning for the return of a card/additional study room off the foyer, buying new replacement furniture, providing up lighting for the front of the house and new lighting on the entire first floor, installing new carpets, repainting all public areas, refinishing all hard  wood floors, and re-purposing the laundry room. The funding of these items, as well as meeting several other requests of the actives, has put a significant strain on a financial budget that is limited due to the fact that there are only 25-26 live-in members. We need to make this number grow!

Now it is your turn to help the alumni board members and actives to  meet these challenges and keep the house on a solid financial footing. We have spent countless extra hours this year. We realize it may be difficult for you to provide direct assistance due to distance from State College, family and work commitments, etc.. But we now DO need your help in one of the simplest efforts you can perform....simply donating to the alumni fund this year. These funds will be used immediately to make more improvements to appeal to new recruits, to  retain our current members and encourage them to live in the house through their senior year. A couple hundred dollar check to Pi Chapter is a lot easier than attending stressful meetings, responding to emails, travel, and phone calls that we board members are committed to.

PLEASE make your continued commitment to Pi Chapter's success this fall with a significant check. Your gift can be made in one of three fast, easy and secure ways:

  • Send a check to:

Tau Kappa Epsilon Penn State

Alumni Relations Processing Center

P.O. Box 7007

Albert Lea, MN 56007-8007


Call our toll-free Donation Hotline at: 1-800-975-6699

Refund Policy: Thank you for your donation. All donations are considered final and are non-refundable. Questions: Contact us at 1-800-975-6699.

Contributions or gifts to TKE Penn State are not tax deductible.

Thank you for your continued support!


Robert Spears '74
Treasurer, Pi Chapter House Corp.



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