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Alumni Brothers of Pi TKE:

In less than a week brothers of Pi will finally be moving back into the chapter house after a year of rejuvenation, renovation, and transformation. On Saturday, August 18th, 26 members fraters will be moving in and calling Pi Chapter their home for the next 8 months. Electricity is in the air and chapter morale is high!

Looking back on the progression that has been made over the past year, I’d like to highlight some achievements made by Pi Chapter over the year. During academic 2017-2018, Pi Chapter:

• Initiated 2 pledge classes of 11 men each
• Boasted the 4th highest cumulative GPA out of 37 IFC chapters, with a 3.23 average
• Reduced outstanding Borough points to 0
• Raised over $50,000 for THON, with our partner
• Restored relationship between National Headquarters, House Corporation, and Pi Chapter
• Updated/drafted key documents, necessary to be compliant with heightened University Standards
• Created new chapter website,

Mind you this was all accomplished as membership was spread across State College in individual apartments and houses. Now that membership will be returning to house, the fraternity’s potential will grow remarkably.

I cannot overstate the increasing excitement that I have seen in the brotherhood, as we near move in. The brothers have put in significant work this past year, in anticipation of being able to return to 346 East Prospect, to make this next year Pi’s best. As a result of the brotherhood's efforts, here are some things that the brotherhood will be looking forward to this year:

• A new THON partnership with the Pi Beta Phi Sorority (first time being partnered together for THON, formerly with SAE)


• A renovated chapter facility
• A new Greek Sing partnership with Alpha Phi, Kappa Delta, and Delta Chi
• A homecoming partnership with Gamma Phi Beta
• An alumni event in the spring, to put the chapter house on show and connect with fraters of all eras

I would like to especially thank the officers of Pi Chapter for their extraordinary work this past year, as it has positioned us for immense success this past year.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out!

We look forward to seeing Pi reclaim its seat in the PSU community, this year and beyond.



Christopher Humza
President, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Chapter
Smeal College of Business, Class of 2020, The Pennsylvania State University
(609) 649-3296 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | "

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