Great Things Ahead For Pi Chapter!

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Dear Fraters of Pi Chapter
After a long year of re-commitment to Teke principles & change, 26 fraters moved back into the Pi Chapter House. Everything is going well and Pi Chapter has a great year planned ahead. The Brotherhood is truly excited to be back and participating in IM sports, homecoming, Greek Sing, Greek Week, THON, etc. 
Although we are back in the house we are still faced with the challenges of a rapidly changing Greek environment across the country. Pi Chapter continues to be in compliance with University standards and expectations amidst the change. These challenges will continue to be overcome by the dedicated executive board and membership of Pi Chapter. 
Please make sure to keep your calendars open for an alumni reunion event in the spring!
Looking forward to a great year back in the house and YITB,
Christopher Humza
President, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Pi Chapter
Division of Undergraduate Studies, Class of 2020, The Pennsylvania State University

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