Making A Habit of Thoughtful Giving

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Thomas Wentzler, 1969 graduate of Penn State University and Tau Kappa Epsilon, makes a habit of thoughtful giving. He felt his most recent was well-deserved thanks to the tireless efforts of his fraternity brother, Tom Becker ‘69. Becker, described by Wentzler as the "energizer bunny," has been putting extensive personal time into the fraternity.

"He organizes everything. He's quite the individual," Wentzler said. "I like what he's done to help renovate and rally the troops."

Since Wentzler and Becker became close friends during their time in the fraternity, he felt his donation was a show of support to his friend who is demonstrating great leadership. Wentzer admits that there are causes more urgent than donations to fraternities or sororities, but the brotherhood and relationships formed in the fraternity are influential, and his allegiance to his brother is demonstrated in more than just words.

"There are a lot more needy things, but given that Tom has put such an effort into it, I just feel a responsibility to him to be there to help support some of the things he has gotten started to see them get moving and come to fruition," Wentzler said.

Wentzler regularly finds ways to meet needs for those in his community as well. He collaborates with a small group to identify individuals who need just "a little more to help them turn the corner." Whether it's helping a single mom, investing in a new business venture, or supporting a family struggling to meet basic needs, his assistance helps them through difficult times.

He admits there are more ways to support the brotherhood and his community beyond material items. It is the action of showing support that matters. "There's only so many things you need materialistically," Wentzer said. 

Wentzler runs a chemical manufacturing business in the oil and gas business in Texas, but he makes his way back east regularly. He owns a farm near Williamsport, and often visits every other month to relax and unwind. He makes an effort to make it to fraternity get-togethers.

"We know each other like literally, as the term said, like brothers," Wentzler said. "It's been the gift that keeps on giving."

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