Are You Coming to the Reunion?

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Here is who has RSVP'd so far...

The turnout for the March 30 reunion is getting a good response. Many of those who have already RSVP’d are bringing their wives too. This listing might encourage you to also attend and reunite with one or more of your brothers. The large turnout from the class of 1969 is celebrating their 50th anniversary of graduation. So, why not send in your RSVP and join in what is going to be one of the best recent reunions Pi Chapter has put on for their alumni and actives?

Planning to attend:

Fred Elrich '71

Noble Anderson '68

Ken Teacher '68

Ron Forys ' 70

John Cavicchio '68

Ted Dwyer '67

John Kaminski '98

David Jones '54

Duane Buck '55

Jack Gruber '53

Andrew Dellapi '89

Jeff Bower '69

Tom Becker '69

David Goss '69

Bruce Hershock '69

George Alexander '69

Ned Bulk '69

Alan Keebaugh '69

Doug Matey '69

Russ Perry '69

Tom Wentzler '69

Jack Warmer '69

Bob Zimmerman '69

Bob McConnell '69

Bob Cinibulk '69

Mike Torcasi '68

Andrew Tomaskavitch '14

James Duus '14

James Rummel '76

Bob Spears '74

John Bolland '84

Gene Shue '56

Joh Gruber '56

Paul Johnston '51

Scott Ulrich '74

Brian Keck '79

John Denman '70

James Becker '73

Dick Walchi '56

Paul Podwika  '76

Nick Nickerson '58

Gus Lebois '76


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