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A Few Brothers Have Spoken.

You answered five brief questions in a survey last month. Here is what you said:

What is your fondest memory of being part of Tau Kappa Epsilon?

  • The brotherhood in the house
  • Negative memory: My recent visit as a guest for dinner. The rest rooms were a mess: toilet paper, beer bottle etc on the floor. 15 fraters ate first and nobody showed me to the food in the kitchen. 
  • Fellowship
  • The friendships I made
  • Being a part of a great team and the feeling of being accepted and appreciated.
  • The TEKE values
  • Orchid dances
  • Brotherhood was always the best overall experience; special memory getting pinned to Linda who became my wife two years later
  • The association with a good core of honorable brothers which I was proud to be part of during my college education.
  • The bonding of being in a pledge class that had a common goal.
  • Finding a supportive home with many other good men.
  • The comradely.
  • Leading the Greek Week sing in 1966.
  • Pledging and intramurals
  • My wedding reception at the house in 1968 with Al Harris, "The Man", catering the meal
  • Homecoming skit competition in 1973 with AXO.
  • Friendships formed.
  • The bond with the brothers for four years. I had my wedding reception at the house and Al Harris ("The Man") catered the event
  • Formal Sunday dinners with dates -- tied with serenades at the women's dorms.


What are the top 3 things you gained from your Tau Kappa Epsilon experience?

  • Social skills, leadership skills, lasting friendships
  • 59 years ago: Courtesy, table manners, TKE chorus, academic encouragement, no alcohol and great fellowship. I wrote a long letter to the President describing my unhappy visit for dinner in April. I meant it to be instructive for the future. I hope it was read at a chapter meaning. It could be beneficial. 
  • Leadership experience
  • Trust, teamwork, A lot of fun
  • Friendship, Activities, Study discipline
  • Friends for life, Friends for life, Friends for life
  • Lifelong friendships, Learning how to get along and work with fellow pledges as we earned brotherhood, Learning how to work and play with a group of seventy brothers under one roof.
  • 1. A core of friends for life. 2. Deeper association with Penn State. 3. Developed outstanding social skills.
  • The camaraderie from joining a dynamic diverse group. Who you can trust and who you can't. The differing ideas from like minded souls.
  • An academic environment, good friends, growth and experience of the adult world
  • Some long term friends. Good advice. Social opportunity.
  • - Leadership - Fellowship - Responsibility
  • Friendships, communal living, ethics
  • 1. Teamwork 2. Loyalty 3. Courtesy
  • Being responsible for your actions. Being more respectful to others. Being on time for dinner!
  • Great place to live while attending college. Support and encouragement with academics and good fellowship to develop social skills. Probably the best thing about it was the lack of alcohol.
  • Friends, fun, teamwork
  • Working as a team. Courtesy and manners. Lifetime friendships.
  • 1. Lifetime friends. 2. Encouragement from Jack Kendall, then president of Engineering Student Council, to run for Council and become president later. 3. Recognition that a dry fraternity was far better than a wet one.
  • Friendships, Esteem, History of those fellow TKE's from around the world.


How would your life be different today if you had never joined Tau Kappa Epsilon?

  • Hard to say, but Probably would not have met my wife which is the best part of my life today
  • Never would have experienced comradery
  • Would not have several life skills which I attribute to my TKE experiences and of course wouldn't have met all the great guys who enhanced my college experience
  • I would not have the close relationship that I obtained with the brothers that I have been in touch with since my graduation in 1956 , seeing many of them on a yearly basis. I am a member of the TKE Wildwood group.
  • I'd have missed lifelong friends that cannot be replaced.
  • Lost memories and never being part of a great social organization
  • PSU is a very large University but TKE gives a great tie to the university. It is like having a family that you can go visit at all times
  • Would not have worked 29 years in a partnership with a fellow TKE
  • Throughout high school, I was an only child. In my final two years of college - I finally grew up and had a group of brothers to share the responsibilities of living, working, carrying a full class load at the university and juggling a pretty robust social life !
  • Not as gregarious
  • I would not have had a 25 year professional partnership in an orthodontic practice with Steve Ingram, a brother who pledged the year behind me.
  • Would be lacking a great life building experience.


Share an update (family, career, hobbies, other interesting news) for possible publication in an upcoming mailing.

  • We are at the point in life where we are able to spend winters in St. Augustine FL, away from the Boston winters.
  • Have fully retired unless someone wants to pay me an outrageous amount of money to handle an interesting problem is a wonderful location.
  • At 94 I have cut back on my travels, although I did spend Christmas in Sweden with my daughter's family--first great grandchild.
  • Retired four years ago and split time between Phoenix and Flagstaff AZ. Co-founded the Boys @ Girls of Flagstaff seven years ago. Sadly my wife Linda who I started dating in Junior High school and who got pinned to me in a TKE ceremony in 1969 passed away suddenly and unexpectedly of a hemorrhage stroke last June at age 69.
  • I am a retired engineer from Standard Register after a career of 42 years and got my MBA in 1970 at PSU. I married Norma Rohrbaugh in 1955 and just celebrated our 64th anniversary. We raised 4 children and enjoy 6 grandsons and 1 great-grandson. Together we enjoy attending sports and cheering for PSU whenever possible.
  • I'm trying to convince my youngest daughter to go to Penn State but I'm probably going to lose to Florida State.
  • Promoted to Vice President of the Pennsylvania German Society.
  • Still working part time as a dentist. Recently lost in the primary election to be Westmoreland County Commissioner in Pa
  • Retired to State College and have enjoyed reunions, tailgating, and assisting with the house renovations
  • Finally got a grandchild in 2018 and celebrated her first birthday on April 17th, 2019. Isabella "Bella" Barrow is the only child of my only daughter Carrie (Luther) & Shannon Barrow of Lutz, Fla. She is an absolute doll and I am so lucky & happy to have her in my life!!
  • Still spending time with running a Retirement Community. (Hidden Valley Park in De Leon Springs, FL) Wife, son, daughter, daughter-in-law helping. Grandson will soon join after graduating from Stetson U. Turning into a family enterprise.
  • I'm semi retired doing legal consulting in Minneapolis. Have a wife, 8 daughters and 7 grandchildren.
  • I retired to State College 12 years ago and continue to enjoy seeing the house and brothers working together. I've enjoyed some events at the house and tailgating at PSU games.
  • Retired (early) from IBM in 1993, then taught engineering at PSU York for 24 years. Moved to a "senior community" in 2019, shortly after our first great-grandchild turned 3.
  • Now retired after 40 years in the motion picture and television line of business of Eastman Kodak. Post retirement served Pro Bono in many areas(CFO UNIVERSITY FILM AND VIDEO FOUNDATION, VICE PRESIDENT, PRESIDENT AND CHAIRMAN BOARD OF DIRECTORS CASA DE LA LUZ HOSPICE FOUNDATION, SERVICE CORP OF RETIRED EXECUTIVES, VICE PRESIDENT CINE-INTERNATIONAL MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION, etc. etc.) as a way to give back for my Good Fortune. Since retiring, my wife, Barbara, and I have continued to travel the world. This year we celebrate our 58 wedding anniversary. We are further blessed with three grown children two sons and one daughter) and two grown grandsons. As of last year, moved into a Life Care facility in Oro Valley, Arizona having sold our Tucson golf course home where we lived for the past 18 years. Our current Life Care facility is like living in a Resort but all the life support care is available here if and when you may need it. Current facility (SPLENDIDO) has indoor and outdoor pools, putting greens, roof top deck, patio's, 4 restaurants, library, business center, billiards room, bar, breakfast/lunch cafe, wine room, 24 hour concierge etc. Soo, who said you can't make the best of getting old(er)?
  • Hung out with Miss Pennsylvania and NASA JPL folks at the Mars New Year celebration. 


As an alumni association, we strive to keep you connected with the Pi chapter long after graduation. What could we do to encourage you to become more active in the association? Perhaps by hosting more fun events? Any other advice?

  • I am 8 hours from State College and do not visit very often. I keep in touch with my TKE brothers.
  • Coming to State College is a long distance to travel, but if activities were local that might help
  • It is difficult for me to travel back to Penn State
  • Since I live in AZ I only come back once a year for a game so any activities on football weekends would be the main way I could engage 
  • I have always been well informed of Pi Chapter and feel well attached to TKE.
  • Organize a West Coast of Florida get together.
  • Local get-togethers in various cities; e.g., Philadelphia.
  • I think what you have been doing has been good, it's just an issue with getting back to PSU as often as possible
  • Frequent short email updates of the current house brother's achievements and projects
  • I'm too far away and too old to stay active but like to hear what is going on. 
  • Communication is the key. More emails of current events at the house and future gatherings for alumni.
  • 1. Make the fraternity dry again. 2. Make the fraternity dry again. 3. Make the fraternity dry again. 4. Make the fraternity dry again. 5. Make the fraternity dry again. 6. Make the fraternity dry again.
  • Physical handicaps have now entered my life which changes a lot of activities. Would be interested in receiving minutes of board meetings....
  • Tailgate location?


Thank you for sharing your touching memories and your opinions. Your words mean something to us, brothers. We have heard you and will act on your advice.

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