Alumni Update: Andrew Dallapi ‘89

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We recently sat down with Brother Andrew Dellapi ‘89 to hear about his experience as a TKE brother. Do you want to send in an update to be featured in an upcoming eLetter to your TKE Penn State brothers? Email your updates and pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Here’s what Andrew had to say:


Q: What are you up to nowadays? 

A: Since graduation in 1989 and postgraduate schooling, I've been practicing Emergency Medicine for the past 22 years at a local community hospital.  I've been married for almost 25 years to my loving wife, Tina. We also have 3 wonderful children: Michael 22, Steven 20, Marissa 17. We currently reside in Franklin Lakes located in Northern New Jersey for the past 22 years.


Q: Why did you join TKE?

A: There was an immediate connection.  It seemed like a perfect fit due to the diversity and comradery of the brothers.  TKE was highly regarded and ranked among the college campus and in the Greek community in many categories such as: academics, athletics and social events.  The Fraters were genuine and there seemed to be a long-lasting bond throughout the house. Can't forget the delicious deep fried foods that Juanita prepared for us.


Q: What is your best memory from your TKE days?

A: Too many to list all the greatest moments, but to mention a few:

  1. Initiation night.  By far, the most memorable night that I could remember. That night ended a semester-long journey to become part of Penn State's best fraternity.  I still recall our pledge class running out the front door together.
  2. Winning  Control Room with long-lasting roommate, Scott Harter.  Our odds of winning that evening were 200:1. We were known as Fitness Library.
  3. Clenching the Bishoff Trophy by winning the Bowling Championship with other team members "The Kegglers".
  4. Spring Break in South Padre Island with Scott Harter, Scary, Schitty, Buddy and Markano.  Never had enough Corona and Tequilla.
  5. Running alongside of C-boy in the Phi Psi 500.  


Q: How has your TKE membership affected your personal life?

A: Becoming a lifelong TKE Frater, gave me the opportunity to return back to the house after graduation as an alumnus.  For those that have not seen the NEW renovations, the house looks fantastic! In addition, I was excited to see my son Steven become part of the TKE brotherhood recently and will be living in the house this coming Fall, 30 years later.


Q: What is the top thing gained from your TKE membership?

A: The most important lifelong experience was the Bond with all of the TKE members.  This bond will never be broken. There are no other Bonds stronger than these.


Q: What advice would you give to an active brother?

A: TKE is a very unique brotherhood.  It is an honor to belong to the best fraternity not only in State College, but nationally.

Always be yourself, we will pick to join TKE for own personal unique values and personalities.  Always work hard to achieve your goals. Establish your priorities and stick to them. There will always be obstacles along the way and competition in everyday life.  Nothing will ever come easy, therefore, strive to be the BEST.



Andrew Dellapi

Class of 1989

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