Fast Start to Annual Giving Shows TKE Commitment to Lifelong Benefits

It’s been said that the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young. This is incredibly true of our Brotherhood. Ask yourself, how many times have I been able to call on a Pi Brother for help? How many were at my wedding (s)? Even if you have yet to take advantage of our powerful network, you surely always know that all it takes is one call, one email, one Facebook message- and your Brothers will be there.

As a testament to the love all Pi TKEs have for 346 E. Prospect, our annual giving is off to an incredible start. To view our Honor Roll, click HERE – then click HERE to join your Brothers, as we move toward the TKE of the future!

Do You Know These Happy Valley Traditions?

In a valley as happy as this one, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly brings about the happy smiles and the blue and white Nittany Lion pride. Maybe it’s the talent-filled sports teams always bringing home trophies. Maybe it’s the warm and delicious grilled stickies that never let you down when it comes to a good bite. Maybe it's knowing you always have a Pi Chapter welcome to come home to. Or, maybe, it’s tradition. The consistent State College staples and values provide a backbone and foundation to the valley — provide a way through which we all can bind together and celebrate what it means to be patrons of the Nittany life.

The following is a list of traditions and explanations that has made us lions roar throughout the ages:

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Upcoming Alumni Event- Mark Your Calendar!

As announced in the recent issue of our Alumni Newsletter, "Pieces of Pi," the Active Brothers are in the beginning stages of planning an alumni reunion, to take place at the House on September 22. Please make plans to attend and meet the new class of TKE Undergraduates, who will carry the torch for Pi Chapter, after a year of review and figuring out how to put Pi Chapter in the best position going forward. In addition, return to see the latest improvements and refurbishing to the Chapter House that have been done over the past year. Stay tuned for further details on this event.