This Way, Brother

Mentoring is one of the best ways to give back

Rocky had his trainer Mick, Luke Skywalker had Obi-Wan and the Karate Kid had Mr. Miyagi. When starting out, we all need help – a guide, a coach, a teacher, a mentor to help us avoid the pitfalls and navigate our way to success. Mentorship and networking have long been recognized as important aspects of the collegiate and fraternity experience.

Giving is just a Click Away

Helping Our Brothers to Donate Online

Use of the Web has become an everyday fact of life for most of us. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of how dependent we are on it, until something goes wrong. We use it to correspond, to pay bills, make purchases and organize our daily lives. Organizations, from global corporations to the smallest start-up, depend on the internet to reach their clients and advance their objectives.

Making A Habit of Thoughtful Giving

Thomas Wentzler, 1969 graduate of Penn State University and Tau Kappa Epsilon, makes a habit of thoughtful giving. He felt his most recent was well-deserved thanks to the tireless efforts of his fraternity brother, Tom Becker ‘69. Becker, described by Wentzler as the "energizer bunny," has been putting extensive personal time into the fraternity.